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  • COLLECT HR information for all employees.
  • CUSTOMIZE every detail to your need.
  • SYNC with Outlook and your internal mail.
  • AFFORDABLE to enroll and use the application.
  • ORGANIZE your staff and their employee profile.

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HRIS on cloud Common Office

Human Resource Software, part of CommonOffice cloud ecosystem

CommonOffice HRIS gives your company an effective single-entry system that brings together tools for finding, developing and retaining employees - from HR, Vacation Tracking, time & attendance, recruitment software, expense tracking, e-Learning, 360 review, and knowledgebase. All the HR tools you need are housed in one unified, easy-to-use solution that:

i - Eliminates redundancies
ii - Reduces errors
iii - Offers employee and manager self-service features

As a cloud-based solution, offers employees flexible access to a range of data and tools, including built-in mobile applications, that allow them to connect from anywhere. CommonOffice helps your HR department meet its primary goal: finding, developing and retaining valuable employees. You’ll also enjoy other added benefits:

More effective decision-making: Do more with your data with seamless access to powerful tools that provide accurate insights.

Improved bottom line: Effectively manage payroll and related expenses, streamline processes, improve cost insights, and control labour costs.

Increased employee satisfaction: Empower employees by giving them access to self-service tools that help simplify the review process and align employee goals with those of the organization.

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This system has won three awards in 2013. It is one of the most customizable, reliable, affordable, human resource management software.

Top 10 reasons:

1 - Single Sign-on with internal portal .
2 - Won 3 Awards
3 - Sync with Outlook Calendar
4 - No Contract (cancel any time)
5 - Sync with Active Directory
6 - Customize Prices for HRIS Software
7 - Minimum Setup Time
8 - Cludbased Software with hourly backups
9 - More than 353,000 Users
10 - Redundant Infrastructure