An HR platform that will empower and organize you at the same time. Now we’re talking!

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Centralized Portal

Think of it as a work related business social dashboard. Self-serve web page to update your information. A portal is your interactive employee hub, allowing you to review and manage your information at your organization web site.

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Analytics Reporting

Imagine having the ability to run over 100 different reports with the click of a button. We can offer that power to you! Our system is designed to provide you with all the correct information in a report whenever you want. You are also able to add your own custom fields to the reports.

Mobile Apps

Away from your desk? No problem! With our new app for Apple iPhone and Android devices, you can now view HR data, submit requests from wherever you are. Spend less time for the process and more time relaxing!

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Full Customization

What really sets us apart from our competitors is that our software is 100% customizable. We will take the time to listen to every single one of your organizational requirements and your system will work exactly the way you imagined it. So sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. You’re the boss!

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Affordable Revolution

We are well known for offering unbeatable, affordable, and easy to use HR software. Hate using spreadsheets? We completely understand. That’s why we are offering you competitive pricing that will not break the bank for state of the art software.

If you could find a better deal, with the same features. We will beat it by 10%.


Why CommonOffice

1 – Voted highest customer satisfaction for 3 consecutive years.
2 – VIP service through dedicated account representatives.
3 – Simple to use and accessible from anywhere through mobile, applications.
4 - More than 240,000 Satisfied customers.
5 - Affordable
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HRIS Filled to the Brim with Features…

CommonOffice HRIS Suite is packed with features.

Vacation Tracking Software

Recruitment Software

Training Tracking Software

Time Tracking

Talent Management


  • HRIS, the stress free way

    Glide right into the CommonOffice HRIS Suite with no stress to you or your organization. Your current spreadsheet centric process will be left behind in the dust. Good by stress, hello calm.

  • The Price is Right!

    An HRIS that won’t break the bank. Your CFO will be pleasantly surprised at how much money you saved the company. Cha-ching!

  • Up and Running in 1 week!

    Yes you read that right. We can get you up and running in 1 week, and adding value to all your HR processes.

Clients Love Us…

"We have worked with CommonOffice for the last 4 years. We feel they have exceeded our expectations with their HR Software. HR software is the most crucial software for your organization. It seems like everyone in your company will be utilizing it. "
Peter Mackenzie at PWC

Fall in Love in 20 minutes, with our software…

We know you’re busy, so we can get you in and out of demo in under 15 minutes. Let me warn you that you may just fall in love with our software, so we’re happy to chat as long as you like.

Your time is valuable.

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